As the field of psychedelic research expands and progresses, the dearth of trained facilitators of the psychedelic experience increasingly becomes a significant roadblock to the safe and effective use of these compounds in legal settings. Anticipating a time in the future when training to be a psychedelic facilitator will include first-hand experiences with these substances, an initial project of the BCSP will be to design and test a longitudinal support program for the participants in the Center’s scientific experiments. Drawing on findings from both biomedical research and contemplative studies, this support program will seek to characterize and optimize the learning that results from healthy volunteers’ psychedelic experiences. To further help advance the field, the Center intends to recruit from psychedelic facilitator training programs for its healthy volunteer studies. In parallel to this effort, the Center will partner with faculty at GTU in the development of an immersive learning program for religious professionals which will be housed at GTU, focusing on the theological, scholarly, and spiritual care implications of the use of psychedelics (a.k.a., “entheogens”) in different spiritual traditions.