Today, there are few reliable sources that the public, members of the media, and academics can turn to for authoritative, evidence-based information on psychedelic research and policy. With a psychedelic renaissance underway, there is a significant risk of public misunderstanding of new research and its implications. The UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics will host a public-facing website, overseen by Michael Pollan, with the goal of fostering a more well-informed and nuanced understanding of psychedelics. The website will host a broad palette of tools to help educate the public about pathbreaking psychedelic research. It will offer basic information about these medicines, help readers to navigate rapidly-changing policy issues, and interrogate the role of psychedelics in medicine, personal development, and the larger social landscape. The website will aggregate news in the field, commission original science journalism on important developments in research, policy and business, host roundtables with researchers and policymakers, archive key research papers and videos, disseminate news on social media, and produce a regular podcast on psychedelic science.